Why is Laptop always Preferred over Desktop Computer

The last two decades of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century are remarkable due to many inventions in the field of computer. Every passing decade brought about new generations of computers fast enough than previous generations. The invention of the laptops and the internet further added charm to it. These inventions have globalized the world. People are doing businesses all across the globe irrespective of their locations. The businesses are facing tough competitions due to this globalization. Diverse workforce is available throughout the world and the consumers are getting more featured products. There are many kinds of computers and it is up to your choice to buy any of these. Some people prefer to buy desktops while others favor laptops. In present day world, laptops have proved more beneficial than desktop computers due to following reasons.

The very first reason of preferring laptops over desktops is their mobility. These can easily be taken from one place to the other. The users of desktop computers have to sit at the place where it is placed. On the other hand, the laptop users can take their laptops anywhere they want. The laptop user can use it where they feel comfortable. You can take them to the trips for editing and sharing your snaps and movies. The businessmen can use these in their travelling hours to remain connected with their staff and management.

2-Provide Good Backup
Laptops are always preferred over desktops because these offer enough battery backup to save the precious data. Nowadays, the latest laptops are giving about 10-12 hours of backup time. This feature of laptops is especially useful for the people of those countries where there is energy crisis. Desktops cannot provide this facility and often people lose their valuable data in case of power failure. This battery backup of laptops increases the productivity of the user and more work is done in less time.

3-Easy Maintenance
Many people prefer using laptops because these require lower maintenance. Most of the hardware parts are packed inside and these parts are less exposed to dust. Laptops are much smaller than desktops and can be easily cleaned. Whereas, a lot of time is required to clean desktops because the hardware parts used in it are bigger in size than laptops. Similarly the LCD in the laptops can be easily cleaned with some soft material. The monitor or LCD in desktops requires internal cleaning too.

Laptops are preferred nowadays over the desktops because these provide us with many connectivity options. This is the age of internet and laptops can be connected to the internet at any place. Nowadays, governments of different countries are providing hotspot facilities to the public. In such environments, laptops can prove useful for students because they can browse the internet without any extra cost. The businessmen also need continuous connectivity with internet and laptops enable them also.
In the end, we can say that laptops are far better option than desktops for many reasons. These have changed the lives of many students and businessmen.