Life is possible on the ranch with modern technology

My friend John, who worked in Manhattan in the largest law firm, decided to change his life dramatically. He bought a farm in Kasas and had collected a small amount of stuff and moved to the middle of nowhere.

All friends and relatives were shocked by his decision. Prestigious work, respect from clients, Manhattan with his lights, he exchanges on the prairie of Kansas and mooing cows.

As it turned out later, he decided to conduct an experiment, can a person completely immersed in the atmosphere of one of the busiest cities in the world arrange his life in the complete wilderness.

As it turned out a few months later, he can.
John prepared perfectly for the trip. He was not particularly interested in anything taken from New York, and everything he could buy on the spot. He needed just a laptop, Internet connection and phone, although even with a good Internet signal the phone was not too necessary.

Life on the ranch today and a hundred years ago is very different. If earlier, you were guaranteed to be cut off from the world and could only use news from newspapers and TV, now the whole world is opening for you. Modern technology allows you to connect with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Communication has moved to a new level and still developing. (look at portable monitors, for example) The mooing of cows on the ranch acquires a new meaning. That is not an exile, but a voluntary choice.

Our Earth becomes smaller than it was before. We can no longer imagine our life without such communication. People who knowingly or unconsciously refuse to be in this stream seem to be lagging behind reality.

John left his prestigious job but still gives professional advice to his clients. Mowing of the cows sometimes can be heard on the phone when you are calling him, but he is happy with such life!