How to care for hair if you are going on hiking

Girls are usually horrified at the thought of how they will care for their hair in a hike. How to care for hair in severe conditions? It’s, not everything so bad, believe me! There are several practical tips to help you cope with this task and have a good rest.

Many believe that they will not be able to share their photos from the campaign because they will have poorly laid and dirty hair. But this is not so!

We always want to be beautiful; it’s understandable. In severe conditions, this is possible. The whole point is what style of hair to choose and how to keep the hair clean.

Let’s start with the hairstyles.

To keep the hair clean longer do not wear and loose. Collect in different hairstyles.

For example, you can collect them in the tail.
The bunches on your head will also be your good assistant.

If possible, remove the bangs from the face.
By the way, braids are also a good idea.
You also can use various hairpins.

Just fine will look braid or a tail made on the side.
Such hairstyle will not interfere with the backpack that you have behind your shoulders. That applies to long hair.

If your hair is of medium length, tie a scarf in the style of pin-up.
By the way, the bandana will also help to curb disobedient strands very quickly.

Loose hair will become dirty faster, and interfere with long transitions.

Hat or cap is also a good helper!

If you need to put yourself in order very quickly, do not forget about dry shampoo. That is a super fast tool to cope with dirty hair.

Many girls say not to take a hair conditioner. But we would not advise you to leave it at home. If you have to wash your head in a river or a lake, then after drying, your hair can become so difficult for you to comb them. To save space in your backpack, just take shampoo and two-in-one air conditioner with you.
For a woman, a hike always requires more thorough preparation. If you carefully prepare for the trip, then you can make many beautiful photos and feel free to show them to your friends later.